How I survived a Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England #thrillitup

How I survived a Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England #thrillitup

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the launch of this amazing coaster as a member of the media. All opinions of this jaw dropping ride and the amazing day at the park are mine.


Some days, my side job is more fun than my day job-which is pretty fun-and Wednesday was one of those days.

I got to be one of the first to ride the…

logo for Wicked Cyclone


Let’s get this out of the way-I hate heights.

Hate is not a strong word in this sense. I think loathe would even be a better word for how I feel about heights. So, when I heard that the coaster at Six Flags New England had a 87 degree drop, I nearly backed out then and there.

But then my love for roller coasters took over. I figured I’d at least TRY to get on this sucker. Tears were not optional…

So, I grabbed Puddle from Thoughts Inside The Box and we set off for Six Flags New England for the day.


and we were granted these little beauties


Team Wicked? Awesome. I can get behind that…

Loading into the center of the amazingly themed queue for the ride, we got to hear from Park President John Winkler, Communications Manager and Jennifer McGrath all about the process of the ride, how it fits into the amazing, high thrill park and the 14 air time hills.






Then, Reed Timmer, Storm Chaser Extraordinaire (and amazingly cool guy), Steven Weigel, COO and EVP of Friendly’s as well as representatives from the Red Cross hyped us up even more..and scared me. They were insanely excited for the coaster.

Check these stats on the Wicked Cyclone:

  • 10 stories high
  • 87 degree  vertical drop
  • 14 airtime hills
  • 200 degree stall and 2 zero G rolls
  • 97 second ride time with speeds of 55 miles per hour
  • 3,320 feet of track

Now, I was officially panicking. 10 stories? VERTICAL drop? What the heck is a stall?

With a blast of confetti


the first riders were off…

Including Reed Timmer and Steven Weigel in the front seats…


What can I say about the ride-


I still wanted my Mommy, walked off shaking and in slight tears, but it was WELL WORTH IT.

Want to see what it looked like for me?


Wild, isn’t it?

One of the neatest things about this coaster is the fact that it is only one of 5 hybrid coasters on the planet. This is a wood-steel hybrid and you have the beautiful flexibility of wood and the smooth ride characteristics of steel. I was impressed at how smooth it was.


Even with how amazing Wicked Cyclone is…I don’t think this chicken girl will be riding it again any time soon…unless my dad comes with me and does his standard “pretend to puke at the worst time so the people behind him scream…” then, I’ll get back on.

Oh! And everyone! Meet Dr. Alan Cobb! He’s the storm chaser that hosts us on the ride! Listen to his safety advice! HE MEANS IT.

(oh and #butfirstletmetakeaselfie)


But the rest of the day at Six Flags New England was amazing! We rode Pandemonium (a first for me!) and Flashback, and were treated to a MOST amazing lunch at the Take 6 Cafe.



I was over the moon with the amazing options-it was all about “I MUST TRY THIS!”

and if you ask me, my favorite part of lunch was…



You know how long it’s been since I had one of these? I’ve been protesting since around me, all I can find is the dang Peanut Butter Cup Options. I was in my glory… Thank you, Friendly’s!

And then, my epic Nerd struck.

There are no words needed to describe this photo.


Yes, I’m wielding the Batarang.

That is all.  Day.Made.

(yes I wore my Human Torch skirt. It’s just the way I roll…)



So, are you up for the storm chasing challenge to #thrillitup with Wicked Cyclone?

The amazing coaster opens TODAY (5/24) for the season! Give it a ride and let me know what you think!

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