Welcome to Nerdvana Kingdom. Your place for all things nerdy and generally geek-centric.

I’m Laura, the Head Nerd In Charge.


I love to travel, cosplay and generally hang out in the Steampunk realm…but that doesn’t always happen, because I have a day job.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and a mom to boot. So, when I’m not messing with the science aspect of my life, it’s being run by my 11 year old “co-pilot”, nerd in training. He tends to join me on as many adventures as he can.



(yes, he’s wearing a Tardis Bow Tie and an AT-AT shirt. Yep, he’s mine.)

The adventures will be as fun and as insane as they get around here and you can always count on a “nerdy” side to everything.

Come along, hang out and get your Nerdvana on!

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