Big dreaming…

The other day, Co-Pilot was in the back of the Hamstermobile (otherwise known as my car) ripping open his latest score of Skylanders. We had been chatting about costuming for ComicCon and how if we want to make something we have to make decisions NOW.

He stated the following:

“Mom, so next year, when we go to E3…”

I stopped him there in his tracks.

“What? Did you just say E3?”

“Yep. When we go next year…I want to go to the Activision booth….”

“Small one, there are a few problems with your theory here. First, E3 is an industry conference. It’s almost impossible to get in unless you are a buyer, work in the video game industry or win your way in, we don’t get to go. Plus, sadly, you’re not old enough.”

The back of the car got quiet and he said “Ok, so I’ve got a few years…”

yeah, you do Co-Pilot.

And this is when he decided he wanted to be a video game designer.

We got a long way to go with that one, but hey-GOALS.

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