Month: August 2015

Yeah, my SON is a cheerleader. What of it?

It is truly well known that we are a huge hockey family. From about September/October to May-ish (sometimes June) we’re in a hockey rink. What’s a little bit less known is that we’re also a CHEER family. I… Read More’s ALMOST that time of year! ALMOST!

Today I got an email from one of the amazing coaches from Co-Pilot’s team about a tournament that the team usually attends. Sadly, I had to tell him that Co-Pilot wouldn’t be attending…because we’re heading to NYC for… Read More

AppleCamp 2015- One MechaGodzilla step forward, one Superhero Step back

Last year, we discovered the joy that is AppleCamp at the Apple Store for Co-Pilot. They welcome kids from 8-12 for 3 days of learning fun. This is a FREE program. Yes, you read that right, free. Last… Read More

Wait-is that R2D2 on your head?

Where I have my day job, we’re in uniform. Not that i’m complaning…it’s all about looking good and the whole “brand” thing. Frankly, it’s not such a bad uniform, the material of the shirts…welllll…..ick. But a tank top… Read More