AppleCamp 2015- One MechaGodzilla step forward, one Superhero Step back

Last year, we discovered the joy that is AppleCamp at the Apple Store for Co-Pilot. They welcome kids from 8-12 for 3 days of learning fun. This is a FREE program. Yes, you read that right, free.

Last year, Co-Pilot worked in iMovie and learned how to create his own movie…and save my rear end when I applied for the Disney Moms Parks Panel (that’s another post for another day.).

So, when sign ups opened again this year, I asked him and he was excited to go. This time, we not only signed him up for iMovie, but we signed him up for the interactive books workshop as well. We were excited, we were thrilled, it meant we pulled Co-Pilot out of summer school, and that made him insanely happy.

Heck, what kid WOULDN”T be happy not to have to go to summer school?

We signed the permission slip and I shipped the Co-Pilot and the other half (parents/guardians need to be on premises for the duration of camp) to the first day of Camp.

It was awesome. It was amazing. The one leader brought MECHAGODZILLA for the kids to work with and film with.



Yes, Co-Pilot took this photo. Note the cars. Two guesses what MechaGodzilla is going to do to Lightning McQueen and friend…

The workshop was amazing. The staff worked diligently with each kid to make the movie of their dreams. They taught them how to score things with Garage Band and insert that score into their movies. It was amazing to watch their brains fly. Plus, there were PARENT WORKSHOPS! Tricks, tips, really delving into iMovie! Fun for all!



(Co-Pilot looks like a Scruffy Nerf Herder here…he doesn’t anymore…)

The movies were a kick. Co-Pilot’s “Godzilla’s Revenge” was a scream. He was happy, it was amazing and we were looking forward to week 2.

Fast forward to day one of week 2. We were late. I misread my email and got us there about 15 minutes late…thinking we were early. *sigh*

So, we came in, got the Co-pilot settled and I decided NOT to do the parent workshop. It was iMovie and we learned that last time. I know what i”m doing and I didn’t have my laptop. So, I sat in the lobby of the store, where I sat for the last camp when we finished early on our parent workshop. Where we were TOLD was OK to sit.
That’s important. Keep that in mind. We were TOLD it was ok to sit there…

A few times, I popped my head in, because Co-Pilot seemed lost, and I got the look that he was fine. He told me he was fine, so I went back to my seat.

At the end of the time, I popped in and was greeted with “We have some things to go over.”


First was a complaint about Co-Pilot’s drawings for his book. He was told that they were “violent,” because they had an explosion and a bomb in them.

Excuse me? Really?
he’s a BOY. He’s an 11 year old boy writing about super heroes and if an explosion bothers you, really?

So, I was told I had to help him Storyboard and make new drawings.

Then, I was given a lecture that started with:

“The permission slip you signed said you had to stay here. YOU LEFT.”

No, I didn’t leave. I was in the approved area. When I confronted this leader with this fact, she said “Oh, we didn’t see you there. We didn’t look.”

Wait. You didn’t look? You didn’t even peek around the PYLON YOU WERE STANDING BEHIND to see me sitting right there the entire time? Really? And you have the nerve to accuse me?

So, I had a long chat with Co-Pilot. He assured me that his book was a superhero book and he wasn’t just randomly blowing up things. And he said something that bothered me.

“I don’t want to go back.”

What? He couldn’t WAIT to get back to the iMovie workshop. Why is this…

oh, wait. He was made to delete drawings. Just because there was a bomb in one.

No other reason.

So, we made a parental decision to not send him back. Normally, I’d be all “GO IN AND PROVE THEM WRONG.”

this time, nope. I wasn’t going to fight someone who’s already pegged my child as a troublemaker and me as a “problem parent,” when we did nothing wrong to begin with.

So, we hung home, played games and then wandered down to our favorite Doughnut place and got our favorites- Homer Simpsons and Sprinkles on Sprinkles.


Will we do AppleCamp for one more year? We’ll see. I know he’ll want to do the movies again. He’s got love for that program like no one’s business and he learns new tricks every time. I think we’ll skip the book though.





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