Wait-is that R2D2 on your head?

Where I have my day job, we’re in uniform.

Not that i’m complaning…it’s all about looking good and the whole “brand” thing. Frankly, it’s not such a bad uniform, the material of the shirts…welllll…..ick. But a tank top under it solves all problems, and wearing scrub bottoms is my idea of a perfectly good time. All the lotion and things come out and they look good. Plus, I get to wear my favorite shoes. But I digress. We’re not talking about my penchant for Mary Janes.

I tend to do things to my hair that make the entire uniform more “Me.” My hair HAS to be up and restrained. Who wants a massage with someone’s hair all over them? Certainly not me! So, when it comes down to it, I have to do SOMETHING.

Enter my “Nerd Hair.”

Since my style of choice is a very fast, time efficient bun or ponytail, I tend to favor bows. They clip in fast, don’t fall off and give people a good laugh when they meet me.

Let’s start with my Star Wars Day choices:



Yes, you see Yoda, Boba Fett, Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper/Darth Vader combo. This was quite the choice. The bows sat on the break room table while I made my decision as to what to throw in the hair.

One of the girls snagged the Storm Trooper/Darth Vader bow…just because it was May the 4th!

me? I went with this:


Yep, Yoda.

(don’t mind the frizz. This was taken at the end of the day-and a shirt change later….)

So, you get the idea.

(oh and I got all of these, plus some of my other insane collection, at Hot Topic)

Now, since I do have the “frizz factor” cranking, I decided to get in on the game by adding a headband to things. Seeing as both a headband and a bow are overkill, it’s usually one or the other. Plus, who wants the the work of full on coordinating the bow and the headband. Certainly not this low maintenance Nerd.

So, I went looking for nerd style headbands that would be flexible enough to work with me and sturdy enough to hold back this head of frizz.

Plastic headbands hurt. Seriously. OUCH. I have yet to find one that works both with my oddly shaped head (sometimes too tiny for adult stuff and at other times, too big for kids…), and is cute, and even, just maybe, slightly nerdy.

So, I went trolling…and stumbled across these amazing, wonderful, NON SLIP little beauties that made me grin on so many different levels.

Check these suckers out:



So, Left to right for the uninitiated: Baymax, Lilo and Stitch, LEGO Star Wars and R2D2. I also got a Mulan one…but that hasn’t been broken out yet…

These are made by an amazing person by the name of Kayla. She works from home, making these…and she runs a group called Magic Headbands

She posts pictures of the ribbon she has, you message her, order the suckers and she lines the back with velvet so they don’t go flying. She also has the “in-between” size of Small Adult! HOORAY!!!

So, I went and wore my R2 out and about the other day and a friend of mine said:

“Wait- is that R2D2 on your head?”

“yep. You have noticed me getting my nerd on…again.”

“SOLID. I knew I liked you for a reason…”


These are my friends. And my hair was secure…and I didn’t lose my headband.

PERFECT day in Nerdvana land.

(and just for the record-none of these are affiliate links. I did, however, ask Kayla if I could post her headbands because I love them so…and she agreed…)

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