Yeah, my SON is a cheerleader. What of it?

It is truly well known that we are a huge hockey family. From about September/October to May-ish (sometimes June) we’re in a hockey rink.

What’s a little bit less known is that we’re also a CHEER family.

I see the confusion. Co-Pilot is a boy…and wait. I said Cheer.

So, here’s how it all started:

It was summer. We were desperate to find something for the Co-Pilot to do. Hockey had just ended and he had a huge amount of energy. We were going out of our brains with the kid bouncing off the walls and camp not starting for another week.

It was then he made what we’ve dubbed one of his “life changing announcements.”

“I want to do a back flip.”

Ok. sure. A BACK FLIP?! that means gymnastics.

oh Lord, Oh, help, oh god. GYMNASTICS.

It was then the stroke of luck hit us. A friend of mine’s two daughters were tagged as “Tumbling at the Hub!” and I see video of them and all of these kids of all ages and abilities tumbling. I messaged her and found out that it was part of an All-Star Cheerleading gym-Triple Threat!

I took a huge, deep, angst-filled breath and called the number on the website and told the head of the gym everything about Co-Pilot. I gave him a list of his quirks-and as I am with everyone, I was very, bluntly honest about what he was and wasn’t.

It was a blessing to hear the following:
“Bring him on! We can’t wait to have him as a part of our family!!”

So, out he came and started tumbling. It was then that we were asked if we’d ever considered putting him on a team…

I had my standard, but true, excuse.

“We really can’t. We have hockey.”

That was countered with: “We have mid season teams! We have lots of kids who do other sports…Plus, Boys are free for their first season.”


The next week I was at the hockey rink after the decision and the agreement that Co-Pilot really wanted to do this, and I had a parent hear that we were putting him in cheer and she said the following:

“What are you doing to him?! Are you trying to make him the laughing stock? Don’t put any of that on Facebook. He won’t ever forgive you. It’s a sport for girls, if you can call it a sport.”


My son is strong, competitive, and is thriving with the other guys in the Hub. He is well loved by his coaches and ALMOST has that coveted back flip.



Even when his uniform is SLIGHTLY too big because, as newbies, we didn’t know we had to alter it! (you bet it got altered the next day…)


has placed in a few competitions



as well as has some strong, fearless guys as mentors.

And we’ve learned this:

Cheer is more than pom poms and rah-rahs. It’s teamwork, competition and life skills.

We have a boy who cheers. We’re proud of it. What of it?

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