Add those two things together and you get one mind blown Laura!


So, this morning, I was up before my roomies at Blogalicious, and since I didn’t want to wake them, I wandered down to the Inner Harbor East Starbucks.

Yes, I found a Green Beacon.




It was here, I had my mind completely blown.

First, the store is a Black Apron store-you can choose your espresso shots and they not only have a Clover (if you have the means..get a clover brewed coffee. Nothing like it.), but they have a….






This little beauty is one of 2 or 3 (My fearless Barista, Julian, wasn’t sure.) in the United States. And it seriously sciences your coffee.

The siphon makes a more mild bodied coffee, so you taste more of the top notes. It’s a lighter cup of coffee and takes a lot of the bitter out. This means when someone says “Oh, the coffee has vanilla and toffee notes…” using the siphon, you tend to taste more of those flavors.


So, since I was lucky…I was able to see it in action since a fellow customer ordered a Siphon Brewed Coffee-and Julian was all about letting me take photos!

So, without further ado, here is how you SCIENCE your coffee.

First, you fill your bottom pot with water and put it on a halogen light.




The positive pressure as the water boils sends it upward into the top “cup.”


When the top “cup” is full, you stir in the coffee. This one happens to be a Tanzania Mondull from the Reserve menu.



Once the coffee is stirred in, remove coffee from the heat of the halogen bulb burner. The negative pressure of the cooling pulls the coffee downward into the pot.




Note the dome of grounds in the top cup. According to Julian:

“You know you’re doing it right when you get that dome!”

And that, my friends, is how you SCIENCE your coffee.

a special thanks to Julian and the Partners at Inner Harbor East for allowing me to take photos of the siphon brewer and process and not┬áthink I was too weird all at the same time. What a great store! Go visit if you’re in town!


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