This Nerd Travels-the train version

Anyone who’s been around with me knows that I attract some of the wackiest experiences. When you travel (or even go to the movies) with me, nothing is ever boring.

So, I’m on the way to Blogalicious 2015 and since it was close enough, I decided to take the train and save myself the experience of dealing with TSA. Yes, TSA and I have a long and sordid relationship. It’s either 100% smart people or 100% please hand me a spoon to take my eyeballs out with.

I took the train from home to NYC and from NYC to Baltimore. Not bad. Not bad. Better than driving. Especially since I wouldn’t have to deal with DC traffic.

As always the train to Penn Station in New York was uneventful (except for the time they had to reboot the train. Still confused on how that’s a thing, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other day..), and changing trains in the circus that is Penn Station was…a new experience for me.

But the train to Baltimore was where the real fun began.

I decided to sit in the Quiet Car. This is a car dedicated to SILENCE. The lights are low, the rules state that you must keep conversations at a whisper level as well as take any calls in another car. You also may not use anything with sound without headphones. It is a joy to ride in this car. Honestly. A JOY.

At the beginning of the trip, they make an announcement as to the rules of quiet car. There’s no question about WHICH car it is, what the rules are or what the deal is. It’s simple.

Things were going silently until everyone in the car heard a very loud phone go off. The owner of said phone picked up and started having a very loud conversation about what he had for breakfast, what a meeting was about and other details that the entire car could hear.

We gave him the HUGE stare down until he got up and started to exit the car. He then asked the following question:

“So, is this the quiet car? The entire car is quiet?”

The entire car gave him the side eye.

A few people reminded him that it, in fact, was the quiet car.

He than came out with this gem:

“Oh, I thought it was just under that sign over there.”

He pointed to the sign at the end of the car.

I had had it by this point. I looked at him and said: “No. The entire car is quiet. Not just those 4 seats.”

His response?

Eye roll and huff out of the car with his phone to take his loud, pancake eating for breakfast self somewhere else.

Then, with a flourish, he promised his seat mate “I’m not leaving. I’ll be back.”


Hopefully the trip back will be less eventful.

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