Month: October 2015

#NYCC15 ! We came, we saw, we were NERDY.

Remember when I said we were heading to #NYCC15? Yeah.That. The Co-Pilot and I were two of 167,000 people who crowded into Javits Center for the event. Yes, you saw that number right. 167,000! It was insane, it… Read More

DUDE! I am NOT carrying that around Javits Center #NYCC15

Co-Pilot and I are heading to New York ComicCon in just under 2 weeks. We’re excited…and I’m scared, but that’s a whole other story. BUT the main thing is we had to pick out costumes for our day… Read More

Grow up?! NEVER! Watch movies? Always!

One of the best times here is MOVIE NIGHT! So, it was with great delight that I was able to chat with Suzette Vale, ┬áthe author of the new, INTERACTIVE WORKBOOK (!) geared to kids (and big ones… Read More