DUDE! I am NOT carrying that around Javits Center #NYCC15

Co-Pilot and I are heading to New York ComicCon in just under 2 weeks. We’re excited…and I’m scared, but that’s a whole other story. BUT the main thing is we had to pick out costumes for our day (we only got single day passes. That was my choice.) at Javits Center.

I had a few requirements for the costumes. They went as follows:

  1. They are packable and easy to get on the train. There are new restrictions on baggage on Amtrak and I didn’t want to run afoul of them.
  2. They’re comfortable. Nothing is worse than bouncing around Javits with uncomfortable clothing or restricted sight.
  3. It’s wearable for the entire day. There will be no stripping off of parts.

Easy, right?

I thought so.

I gave these 3 simple rules to Co-Pilot as he asked what we should dress as. He SEEMED on board…

and then the insanity started. The first costume he asked for was…



Yeah. First, how was I supposed to build this short of paper mache or serious sewing? Good luck finding it pre made. Plus, if it’s Paper Mache, do you know what would happen?

This is how THIS conversation about Doctor Engman went:

Co-Pilot: “I want to be Doctor Engman.”

Me: “seriously?”

Co-Pilot: “Yep. Doctor Eggman is really cool. Can you make that for me?”

Me: “Do you have any idea what’s going to happen halfway through the day at Javits center? I’m going to end up carrying it. Seriously. No. Dude! I’m not carrying that through Javits Center!’

Co-Pilot: “Oh.”

(insert him walking away thinking.)

Fast forward to an hour later….

Co-Pilot: “Mom! Can I be Robin from Teen Titans Go?”

Me: “Sounds good. We can do that.”

Co-Pilot “Ok, so I need his staff…”

me: “NO. Dude! I am NOT carrying that around Javits Center when you get tired of it!”

(he walks away again)

Are we starting to see a trend here? Yeah, me too.

At one point, he even extolled the virtues of bag check. Yeah, I’m not paying for bag check to hold a staff or a large ovoid body. He had to stick to the rules of costuming, especially for ComicCon.

Off to the costume store we went, where we spent a good 20 minutes wandering around, with the Co-Pilot deep in thought. Very deep in thought.

I went and messed around with the Star Wars section. I was quite undecided on my costume, but hey-what can you do? I’m an indecisive girl.

As I was debating between a Kylo Ren (I’m intrigued by the guy…) and a Jedi robe, I heard the characteristic, excited clomp of the Co-Pilot.

Co-Pilot: “I HAVE IT!”

Me: “What?”

Co-Pilot: “MY COSTUME!!”

I sent him off to the dressing room to try it on. He’s a small kid, so I wasn’t sure if we should grab the large or the medium…

Out came…



in his muscle chested, yellow and blue glory. Claws and all.

I looked at said costume and did my criteria check.

  1. No parts I have to carry.
  2. mask with sight lines
  3.  Comfortable and good with sneakers.
  4. packable.


We checked out and I promptly stashed said costume so it wouldn’t get worn around the house prior to #NYCC!


Now..the photos of the Co-Pilot in costume and me in costume will come later. BUT, if you see a small boy in a Wolverine outfit and a Mom in something r2-d2 related…come say hi! We’d LOVE to meet you!


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