#NYCC15 ! We came, we saw, we were NERDY.

Remember when I said we were heading to #NYCC15? Yeah.That. The Co-Pilot and I were two of 167,000 people who crowded into Javits Center for the event. Yes, you saw that number right. 167,000! It was insane, it was crazy, I almost lost my parenting mind a few times, but man, was it fun.

Let’s just show you the day in photos…

The calm before the storm at the hotel…


Pass on, backpack on (to carry all of the stuff), ready to roll!


The two of us…ready to completely rock #NYCC15


First stop, Hallmark for the Convention Exclusive Itty Bittys. Yes, Co-Pilot got his own set this year after stealing mine last year!


Han Solo in Carbonite Itty Bitty Close up! Pretty cool!


Yes, this was a no brainer to buy. These suckers make me giggle.

Then, we went and found….TENTACLE KITTY!

and we visited with John, the creator! THERE IS A MOVIE COMING! AHHHH!!!!


yes, we adopted a “Little One.” Gotta Have one to hang with Ninja Kitty!



and it became an X-Men meet up!

Best line of the day: “HEY! Little Wolverine! Right here!”

star trek chairs

We sat in a Mega Bloks version of the Star Trek Captain’s Chair! This sucker moved, it made noise and was insanely cool.


Check the Shell Raiser! More Mega Bloks!

Then, Co-Pilot tried the new Final Fantasy game from Square Enix, one of my favorite game publishers. He had a blast! He can’t wait for the game to come out in January.


Then, we took a break.


Nothing like snacks, watching a Street Fighter tournament and then a frozen strawberry lemonade. It was a good, needed break.

During this break, we met this amazing Cosplayer…


HI LEFT SHARK!!! (I had a good laugh with this one. Co-Pilot did too..)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this Asassin’s Creed Cosplay was amazing and the duel between the two of them was EPIC.


And that was a lunch duel. We were hungry. Korean food for the win!


We went to the Nickelodeon booth, spun the prize wheel, and the Co Pilot won this Spongebob Squarepants Mega Bloks figure! Too much fun! I won a Ninja Turtle Toothbrush….hehe!

Check out these amazing Cosplays from 5 Nights at Freddy’s. Co-Pilot is all about this game. Maybe I should go play it…

5 nights at Freddy's


We LOVE We Bare Bears.


Trying out the new YO-Kai Watch game! FUN!


OOH! Snack Time! Star Wars M&Ms!


and then the Slap happy shuttle ride to the train station….

(Hey ReedPop and NYCC! Make it more organized next year! Don’t nearly incite a riot!)


Then , dinner at Penn Station from Chickpea-Hey-we have to have our Schwarma!


and a good time was had by all. Sleeping on the train. The only way to go…


That’s a wrap for the Nerdvana Kingdom team at NYCC! Will we be back next year? We’ll see…



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