And we’re back…here’s the latest update and some previews!

As we enter the fall, the craziness of the school year is starting to both amp up and settle in all at the same time. We had a wild ride here during this past ¬†year’s school experience and even though it was a super rocky beginning and middle, the CoPilot ended up being as happy as he could be, and as he always does, coming through with style. So, please excuse the prolonged break as we dealt with everything moving schools and programs came with! It wasn’t our idea of a good time, but at least it ended well.

If you’ve watched us on Instagram, (we’re Nerdvanakingdom!) you’ve seen what an amazing summer we’ve had here! The CoPilot spent 2 weeks at Apple Camp, working again on iMovie and then working on coding (as well as robot programming!). NERD HEAVEN!

AND…as I wait for photos (the CoPilot isn’t great about offloading things and editing them! BAH!), you’ll just have to imagine what happened when the CoPilot went with the Other Half to visit family and ended up visiting Old Faithful and Mt. Rushmore…and went through Sturgis during the HUGE Bike Rally.


As for me, I spent the summer working…I went back to my old job, which was a blessing. Then, I ended up visiting New Jersey Devils Prospect Camp for the scrimmage, attending a day of Boston ComicCon, and going to a *gulp* BASEBALL GAME (ok, it was hockey night!) with the CoPilot.


As we settle in, here’s what’s on tap for you all to see-

  • We’re heading BACK to New York Comic Con for the 2nd year, and we have 2 days of tickets. You never, ever know what will happen!
  • HOCKEY SEASON! It’s kicking off with 2 pre season games at the Prudential Center, thanks to the Devils. CoPilot will be on the ice soon…and he’s not a bit excited. No. Not in the slightest…
  • We’re starting a weekly podcast about life, the universe and everything as it relates to nerd life! We’ll talk games, Star Wars (oh, will we talk Star Wars), Disney, Avengers and generally everything nerdy. We <3 this stuff!
  • Travel! Not only are we heading to NYC, we’re heading to Buffalo and a few other places for various things. We’ll be finding the nerdy along the way…so be ready!

We’re so glad to have you back along with us for the ride! Hang on. It’s going to be wild!

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