About the Nerd and Team (and how to get in touch…)


So glad you want to meet us and chat with us!


Laura is a massage therapist and former Starbucks barista with a penchant for the nerdy in life. She’s Co-Pilot’s mom and trainer of all things that involve the nerd lifestyle. She loves Star Wars,  Superhero stuff, smart girl villains (go Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!), science, especially biology and Anaheim Ducks Hockey. Ok, fine. If hockey’s on she’ll probably be watching, and praying she doesn’t wake the entire neighborhood screaming at it.

If she’s not doing something Steampunky, spending time in a hockey rink/cheer gym or watching a Marvel or DC movie, you can find her with her nose in a massage book or at a training. Muscles are her thing! She’s a 10th Doctor devotee and thinks Tennant had the right idea with the Chuck Taylors on his feet.

She has taught middle school, so she’s pretty un-scareable.


Co-Pilot’s favorite things are video games (especially Skylanders and Lego games!), Doctor Who (He’s an 11 fan. Fez and Bow tie…fez and bow tie…) and hockey.  He LOVES the Avengers and his favorite is Hawkeye. Seriously. Hawkeye.

Not diverse enough for you? He’s also an All-Star Cheerleader at Triple Threat All Stars! When he’s not at school learning new, science related things, you can find him at the Hub practicing tumbling or the ice rink whacking pucks at a goalie.

We love anything nerdy, geeky, science related or otherwise fun. Remember, Co-Pilot is 12…and well…Laura is a big kid.

If you’d like to get in touch with Laura or Co-Pilot, please drop us a line at


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