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And we’re back…here’s the latest update and some previews!

As we enter the fall, the craziness of the school year is starting to both amp up and settle in all at the same time. We had a wild ride here during this past ¬†year’s school experience and… Read More’s ALMOST that time of year! ALMOST!

Today I got an email from one of the amazing coaches from Co-Pilot’s team about a tournament that the team usually attends. Sadly, I had to tell him that Co-Pilot wouldn’t be attending…because we’re heading to NYC for… Read More


  Welcome to Nerdvana Kingdom. Your place for all things nerdy and generally geek-centric. I’m Laura, the Head Nerd In Charge. I love to travel, cosplay and generally hang out in the Steampunk realm…but that doesn’t always happen,… Read More